“Unhappiness stems from Impatience and Greed.”

Probably a Proverb

My father is in advertising and advised me to dream big. He encouraged me to go to art school and follow my dream of becoming a cartoonist. I told my mother I would be famous by the time I graduated and dead like all of my heroes by 27. My mother is a nurse and preached practicality; she didn’t tell me not to go to art school, she didn’t tell me not to die at 27, she just told me that “unhappiness stems from impatience and greed.”

I published my first professional comic at the age of 29.

Galen Rupp never won a Footlocker Cross Country Championship. He didn’t win his first NCAA individual title until his senior year of college. He won a silver medal in his second Olympics. His first major international win came at the Pre Classic in 2014, and his first major marathon victory in 2017.

Galen Rupp has set records, earned medals, and won a lot of races. More than that, though, Galen Rupp has lost a lot of races. His patience allows him to take losses in stride and build towards the next step, the next goal, the next opportunity for victory.

Rupp’s resume makes as good a case as any for the greatest American distance-runner, and he’s still building it, progressing on a path he plotted in high school.

It is okay to have unreasonable dreams, given a reasonable timeframe.